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Learn. Create. Share.

Building our community through technology and design.


About Us

Weekly Open House

Stop by any Thursday from 6pm - 10pm to hang out with us and check out the space! We do one weekly tour at 7pm.

We're Resourceful

Our members have 24x7 access to a large suite of expensive tooling that allows them to bring their ideas into reality.

We Don't Accept Jobs

We are a community workspace, not a job shop. See below for more information on how we operate.


We’re a Makerspace.

We are a community of makers, hackers, tinkerers, and creators who share a physical space, tools, and thoughts.

Our members pay monthly dues that go towards paying rent and maintaining the machines, in return they get access to the makerspace, its tools, and its resources whenever they need it. Tool availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Members also get access to our very active, private chat community, where the majority of our ideation and discussions take place. We also host several events throughout the year, our biggest being Midwest Makerfest, part of Ignite Peoria.

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

River City Labs is a registered non-profit organization with the state of Illinois and the federal government, and have all the benefits that brings (tax write-offs for any donation *wink*).

Volunteer Run

No one at River City Labs gets paid. It functions completely off of our members' and officers' volunteered time and effort. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for our volunteers' dedication.

Our Resources


Large custom 3' x 4' 90w CO2 laser, small chinese 8"x 10" 30w CO2 laser with auto focusing bed, GlowForge.

3D Printers

Two Taz 6 FDM printers, and a custom built FDM printer available. All printers have an Octoprint server for safe remote shutdown.

Wood Shop

3' x 3' CNC Router, Shapeoko XXL, V-Carve Pro, Dust Collection, Planer, Joiner, Table Saw, Band Saw, Drill Press, Mitre Saw, Panel Saw.

Metal Shop

Grizzly CNC Mill, Grizzly Metal Lathe, Metal Band Saw, Mig/Tig/Stick Welder, 20 Ton Arbor Press.

Electronics Lab

Soldering Station, Variable Power Supply, Oscilliscope, Electronical Components.

Blacksmith Shop

Propane Fired Forge, Anvil/Hammers/Punches, Hydraulic Forge Press, 72" Belt Sander.

Computer Lab

Mobile Laptop Cart with several laptops available for use.


Redsail Vinyl Cutter, Cricut Maker, Sewing Machines, 4 Color Silk Screning Station. Computers available with required software.

Private Chat

Our private chat group is very active and is great for sharing ideas and asking for help.

Our Team


Jeep Johnson




Vice President


Fred Bliss



Wesley Thill



Heather Houze

Public Relations


Sam Mahadevan

Event Coordinator


Alan Hennis

Facility Manager


Josh Malavolti

Education Officer


Joe Spanier

Membership Officer


Sage Peterson

Director 1


Don Kalmes

Director 2

Membership Plans


$5/ month

  • Online Community Access (Slack)
  • No building access
  • No access to internal classes
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • n/a


$30/ month

  • Online Community Access (Slack)
  • Limited Building Access - Full member must open the door for you
  • Discounts on certain classes
  • n/a
  • n/a


$45/ month

  • Online Community Access (Slack)
  • 24x7 Building Access pending 30 day probation period
  • Discounts on all classes
  • 10% discount if paid annually
  • n/a


$55/ month

  • Online Community Access (Slack)
  • 24x7 Building Access pending 30 day probation period
  • Access for family in same household
  • Discounts on all classes
  • 10% discount if paid annually


any/ now

  • One time Donation to RCL
  • Eligible for Caterpillar Foundation Matching program for current employees and retirees!
  • Click Here for more information on submitting a Caterpillar Foundation match request

Get In Touch

Contact Details

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, one of our directors will respond to you when they get a free moment

7916 N Hale Ave, Peoria, IL 61615
Phone: (815) 662-5376